Fernando Botero at the Bowers Museum

Hooked on Botero

My first introduction to Fernando Botero was in Tuscany many, many years ago. Traveling Tuscany with my Italian friends in my twenties we stopped at a medieval castle in the middle of the soft Tuscan hills. There nestled within this magical medieval scenery were Botero’s impressive sculptures and sensual paintings of his voluminous figures he is so famously known for.  This first impression of Botero never left me and I still have a vivid memory of this day.Fernando Botero

Many years later, in fact about six years ago, my husband, son and I were visiting Venice and while touring the canals on one of the ‘Taxi” boats, I was realizing these enormous parts of some big sculpture on a passing boat.  Taken by surprise I was trying to get a closer look at them and realized with joy and excitement that these had to be part of a Botero sculpture. Shortly after we found out that Venice in fact was getting ready for a huge show of Botero sculptures throughout the city. This show with Venice as a fantastic backdrop left unforgetable memories.

Fernando Botero

How thrilled was I to find out that the Bowers Museum is presenting a major retrospective of this Latin American artist right now. The show opened on September 12 and will run through December 06, 2009. Many of the 100 paintings , sculptures and drawings on view have never been seen in public. It’s a great exhibit, well put together and giving an overview from Botero’s very early works to his recent ones. I will defenitely go and visit again.  

Tickets are $12 for adults. Free Entrance is offered on every first Sunday of the month!

Latin American Art Lovers can enjoy another exhibit at the Bowers as well: “Latitude” shows works by Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Roberto Matta, Jesus Soto, Rufino Tamayo and many more. 




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