August Wilson’s “Fences” makes serious theater come alive at South Coast Repertory

Ready for some real theater? Go and see August Wilson’s “Fences” at South Coast Repertory in Orange County. I must say I haven’t seen such dramatic play in a long time.  The perfomance was so powerful and captivating that everyone in the audience, I am sure, was feeling they were part of the drama. Excellent cast masterfully directed by Seret Scott.

I didn’t know much about August Wilson’s work yet. Therefore I was grateful for SCR’s background information, that coincidentally mentions Wilson’ s German heritage: August Wilson was born Frederick August Kittel and son of Frederick Kittel, who had emigrated from Germany. He later on changed his last name to his mother’s last name Wilson. Playwright Tony Kushner called him “a giant figure in American theatre…” and points out that “he was writing in the grand tradition of Eugene O’Neill and Arthur Miller”.

Here a short synopsis of the play “Fences” as posted on the SCR website:

“At its center—and filling his home with robust humor, tyrannical outbursts and unexpected tenderness—is Troy Maxson.  Once a baseball star in the Negro League, now a garbage collector fighting for promotion, he faces middle age with scaled down dreams.  But as he struggles to hold on to his dignity and his family, Troy puts up fences between himself and those he most wants to protect—his son, his wife, even his loyal friend, who see the world through different, more hopeful, eyes. ”

Don’t miss out on some great theater here in Orange County. It’s not for a light hearted evening but for a theater night you won’t forget in a long time! The last time I remember being so touched and completley pulled into a play was a performance of “Fräulein Julie” by August Strindberg in the Munich Residenztheater, many years ago. A performance I will never forget, as I won’t forget this one of “Fences”.

I hope South Coast Repertory will continue to bring more dramatic classics with depth to Orange County. I wouldn’t mind to see more Arthur Miller around here, but also August Strindberg, Anton Tschechov and perhaps some Pirandello once in a while. That would be a pleasant surprise.  

“Fences”  by August Wilson at South Coast Repertory in Orange County.
Opening Night: January 29, 2010
Regular Performances: January 30 – February 21, 2010

SCR at 655 Townn Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92628. Call for Tickets at714-708-5555 

Read more about the play in an article in the OC Register 

Charlie Robinson is understated yet masterful as Troy.
                 “Charlie Robinson is understated yet masterful as Troy” -OC Register



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