Soccer World Cup 2010 and Paul The Octopus

Still under shock over Germany’s loss when playing against Spain this Wednesday, I am writing these lines hoping that Germany’s national team will secure third place tomorrow.

Following the German news though and now even the world news I can only wonder what all this fuss is about Paul, the world-renowned octopus at Aquarium Sea Life in Oberhausen, Germany. The press loves to claim him the psychic octopus. Sure enough his apparent predictions for this year’s world cup have been faultless, so far. He has been given the choice of picking food from two different plastic containers each featuring the opposing team’s flag. Paul has kept a 100% record so far by  correctly predicting the winner!

Paul, the Nostradamus of the Soccer World Cup? Haven’t we long , long ago moved away from medieval superstitious predictions? I guess it is part of human nature wanting to find out what lies in the future and get answers ahead of time.

So what was it on Wednesday making the German team seem stunned and appear paralyzed? We definitely didn’t see the same team play that just had won the game over Argentina. Was it Paul’s fatal prediction that made the Germans not even want to try to put on a fight against Spain, or was it the sudden realization of a young German team having to fight a more senior Spanish team and European Champion that intimidated them?

Whatever it was, for tomorrow I have to admit, I am sympathizing with everyone believing in the ‘oracle’ Paul. Paul the octopus has predicted Germany’s win over Uruguay and therefor the securing of third place in the World Cup 2010! 🙂

Go Germany! 🙂



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