Schultuete Selbst Gemacht- Last Minute German School Cones

Deutsche Schultuete - German School Cone

Summer is over and children have gone back to school almost everywhere. If you want to follow the German custom and provide your child with an authentic ‘Schultuete’ , and forgot to order a kit from, search no longer to buy one. It’s anyway much more fun for your child and you to make one together. Just put on your creative hat and make one!

It’s actually very easy and the kids LOVE to decorate their work!

Here is what you need, and can easily be found in any art supply store like Michaels:

  • one big sheet of colored poster board that’s easy to roll up into a cone
  • colored markers, Creatology™ Washable Paint 6-Pack, or any colors your child likes to paint with
  • paint brushes etc
  • stickers: buy lots of stickers to decorate, any kind of stickers your child chooses are great, perhaps she/he wants to have a theme like soccer or ballerina
  • colored gift tissue paper ( for the top of the Schultuete)
  • Scissors, glue, stapler, paint brushes and other art material that your child enjoys to make crafts with
  • a colored ribbon you use for gifts

Decorate Your Colored Poster Board With Stickers

Use paints and paintbrushes, or glitter glue etc. to enhance the look or to make different patterns

Once finished with the design, start rolling the posterboard into a cone taking one corner and rolling the undecorated side in.

Once rolled into a cone, tightening the poster board around your finger at the bottom of the cone to shape the cone (blue cone in pic)

Glue the sides down or use bigger stickers to hold the paper board in place and in shape

For the top decoration one can use either colored cellophane or gift paper tissue (get one whole length around the inside of the cone and glue or staple it down)

gift paper tissue for the top, instead of cellophane

Here glue is very effective (in fact staples will rip paper), Glue inside of cone and press the tissue paper on it from the inside

Once the glue is dry, fill the Schultuete with all kinds of goodies and funny school accessories, arrange the tissues paper and put a colored ribbon around to close the cone of

German 'Schultuete' is finished and ready to greet a child on his/her First School Day


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