January – Fitness Month of the Year Or ‘Winterspeck Muss Weg’

Everywhere you go these days, any store you enter, any magazine or newspaper you open up – the topics Get Back In Shape and Fitness jump at you.

Stores are promoting their latest fitness equipment and workout videos and magazines try to educate or convince us on which cleansing technique is the best to lose unwanted pounds, and how one still can keep all her/his energy despite all the fasting.

And we learn: Once the body is detoxified, there is no rest in sight. Now it is time to get sculpted properly. But what exercise program is the best? The Fitness market is overflowing with all kinds of different fitness classes and techniques. From dancing classes that supposedly will keep you in shape, like the latest trend on “fitness pole dancing”, to elegant sounding  fitness classes like “Pure Barre“, an exercise technique that supposedly mixes weight training with Pilates and ballet, and apparently shows record-breaking results. Or is it after all just pure weight training that will make us essentially look good?

One thing is for sure. Balance is the magic word. And that’s no news to anyone of us. We all know it but it just doesn’t sound exciting and enticing enough.

Eating with measure and working out on a regular schedule, be it running, tennis, dancing or weight training. Most important for all of us fitness junkies is to have fun with whatever technique we decide on and to avoid getting hurt in the process. Overstretched ligaments are no fun!


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