Sendung mit der Maus wird 40 Jahre alt!

Stamp Die Sendung mit der Maus, 1998

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Who doesn’t know the cute little orange Maus with its blue elephant friend that later on got joined by a little duck as well. I can’t imagine my childhood without them, but the Maus is also part of my children’s growing up.

In all these years we never found out what our friends’ real names were, but we never really cared in the first place. We just loved and still love to listen to the Maus’ somehow rigid walking over the TV screen in noisy click – clack sounds, the intelligent and witty solutions to solve problems and the unforgettable blinking of Maus’ big eyes . The Maus was and is still loved by anyone and not only the 5-8 year olds.

On March 7th, 1971 German kids could see the first show of “Lach- und Scahgeschichten” in the ARD and from then on Maus explained in the weekly shows any questions in the field of science and nature to the German children.

If you forgot why the Swiss cheese has holes or why water is see-through, treat yourself to some of these adorable Sendung mit der Maus episodes.

Happy Birthday, Maus!

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