UC Berkeley Art Museum Features Two German Artists

Two special shows at the UC Berkeley Art Museum are currently dedicated to presenting two German artists. One is contemporary Silke Otto-Knapp with ‘MATRIX 239‘, the other is “…one of the most daring and innovative figures of the international avant-garde…”, Kurt Schwitters with ‘COLOR and COLLAGES‘.

Silke Otto-Knapps work is quite intriguing and her at first monochromatic seeming work unveils all kinds of layers and hues and creates a captivating atmosphere once you engage with it.

In contrast to this contemporary London based German artist stands Kurt Schwitters work. “He is one of the most influential artists to have emerged in the years following World War I …”(Princeton University Art Museum). He worked in several genres and media, like Dada, Surrealism, Expressionism and more. His work therefore reminds at times of Picasso, Franz Marc as well as also Mondrian and others.

“He is one of the most enduring figures of the 20th century international avant-garde, and has been cited as a profound influence by artists ranging from Robert Rauschenberg to Damian Hirst” (Princeton University Art Museum). Many of his collages have also been collected by these artists.  Jasper Johns as well as Ellsworth Kelly have loaned works to this exhibition.

While ‘MATRIX 239‘ by Silke Otto-Knapp can still be seen until January 15, 2012 the Kurt Schwitters exhibition is closing this weekend on November 27!

BAM – UC Berkeley Art Museum  – Location
2575 Bancroft Way
Between College and Telegraph

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