Show Off Your Silverware For The Holidays

The holidays’ festivities are only a little more than a week away and that’s most often the time when we remember Grandma’s precious silverware that has been stored away in some distant drawer over the year.

Stored silverware often surprises us with some unsightly looks at first. But there is immediate help on hand!  In order for your silverware to shine and be the centerpiece of any festive table, one just needs to follow some simple tricks.

You might have heard of the special cleaning trick of brushing your silver with toothpaste. At least that was one tip I had heard of already before, but new to me was the unique technique of using aluminum foil, baking powder and boiling water. This special cleaning secret will not only take care of the buildup tarnish but also diminish unattractive rust spots on your silverware!

Other ways to take care of silverware are soaking it in sour milk (!) for 30 minutes; then rinsing it off with hot water and buffing it up until shining.  Applying lemon juice to a soft cloth and cleaning the silverware thoroughly and wiping it clean with a dry clean cloth is another option.

Some interesting facts I found about silverware use in general:

It is better not to save up your silverware for just the special occasions and moments in life, but to use it as frequently as possible. This helps to bring out the silver’s rich patina. Rinsing your silver utensils right after use will prevent tarnishing.

By the way, silver made after 1939 is apparently safe to put in the dishwasher according to a note in “The Week” and its source “Southern Living”, but one needs to avoid citrusy detergents . More information can be found on “The Silver Lining”  

Important is that one keeps stainless steel dinnerware far away from silverware.  “Stainless steel causes a reaction with silver, so avoid contact while cleaning as this may damage the silverware.” (e-how)

To familiarize yourself more with cleaning silverware, take a look at this link: How to Clean Silverware With Household Products on

Another advice I wasn’t aware of yet was that proper storage of silverware plays as significant a role as proper cleaning methods.  Apparently only “…A piece of chalk in a display cabinet will absorb the chemicals that cause tarnishing “ (The WEEK).  If you have your silverware stored away over the year then line your drawers with an acid-free Pacific Silvercloth  or another option is to just use a simple plastic bag to store silverware in order to protect it!

Don’t hesitate to display your silverware this Christmas or New Year . Tab into these simple cleaning methods and you are ahead of the game…


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