Just In Time For Summer !

Are you bored of the ordinary boat ride on the lake or moving along the bay slowly in a duffy boat?

Hey, here are some other options, some quite exotic perhaps, but fun!

German designer Daniel Straub came up with the cool invention of a mobile home that turns into a boat. It won’t transport you any faster than the options above, but it’s more fun and will definitely be a ‘head turner’ on your next trip. A prototype has already been manufactured of the ‘Sealander’ and it should be in production this year. (seen in Scientific American)

If you like to play ‘Hide & Seek’, then this submarine speedboat is for you. A scare on the water the ultrafast  ‘Seabreacher Y’ by the Innespace company  is a submersible speedboat in the shape of a dolphin or a shark that can even “breach” 16 feet out of the water! (seen in Scientific American)

Last, Hammacher Schlemmer’s Barbacue Dining Boat is the perfect boat model for someone who loves to go fishing and have a dinner party with his catch of the day right there on the boat. No need to go on land and throw on the grill,  the 24-inch charcoal grill is right there on the boat, in the center of the floating vessel! (seen in The Week)

To top these cool outings on the water be sure to have the right outfit to go with it. Kusa Sandals might just be the right accessory to start off a conversation. Instead of walking on cloud nine you will be walking on grass.

Happy Summer!


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