Beat The Heat And Stay Cool With These Cocktail Favorites

The heat wave of this summer didn’t spare us after all and has reached our breezy Californian Coast.  Slowly we are adapting and learning to live with temperatures that are closing in on 3- digit numbers on our outdoor thermometers…

How about a sparkling cocktail on ice?

To endure the heat in style and to refresh your senses, try one of our three European cocktail favorites.

Aperol Spritz’ a long time favorite got strong competition this year in Europe by “Hugo”, a cocktail with elder blossom syrup spiced up with mint leaves. But also old time favorite Campari Soda shouldn’t be missing at a summer party. Just imagine you are sitting in an Italian cafe watching people pass by while life is exploding on the piazza in front of your eyes…  and life is good!

“Hugo”  -the elder blossom magic

150 ml Prosecco
100 ml Mineral Water high in gas like Pellegrino
2 cl Elder blossom syrup 
3-4 fresh mint leaves
one lime wedge 
ice cubes

Put mint leaves in a ‘bigger’ wine glass and crush them lightly with a pestle. Drop the lime wedge in the glass together with the ice cubes and fill up with Prosecco, mineral water and Elder blossom syrup. Voila!

 Aperol Spritz – the zesty drink

 Ingredients according to
3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 Splash of soda / mineral water
Ice & half a slice of an orange

Pour Prosecco into a glass filled with ice cubes, add the Aperol and a splash of soda/ mineral water. Put the orange slice into the glass as well, some even give the orange a slight squeeze to add some of its juice to the mix. Salute!

 CAMPARI Soda  – Bring Italy home

 6oz Campari Bitter
6oz Soda water/ mineral water
1 lemon or orange wedge
and ice cubes

Fill a highball glass half up with ice cubes, pour Campari bitters into the glass until half-full. Completely fill the rest of the glass with soda water, garnish with a lemon or orange wedge put on the rim of the glass and serve. Enjoy!


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