The German Designers Behind the Windows 8 Artwork

If you are one of the over 4 million early adopters of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, you may not have known that the imagery in front of you when you start up your PC, or put it into lock mode, is the work of Marius Bauer, a Munich based illustrator.

The default Seattle scene showing the Space Needle among vast green hills and a beautiful mountain scape is the final approved design that every new Windows 8 user will see when they install the latest operating system.  It took Bauer 12 years to reach his goal of creating the default imagery for Microsoft’s operating system, and he is excited to see his hard work pay off.  Not only is the design being displayed every Windows 8 computer, but also on the wide variety of advertising materials in print and television.

Marius Bauer’s work isn’t the only German touch added to the Windows 8 operating system though.  Customers purchasing a physical retail box of the new OS will be presented with colorful boxes created by the Berlin design team CATK (Colors and the Kids).  In an effort to match the new colorful look of Windows 8, CATK came up with a large number of vibrant packaging designs with 5 of them making their way onto Windows 8 boxes.

Check out Bauer’s final images and some concepts below, along with the 5 packaging designs created by CATK.

Source: MariusBauer.comCATK
Photos by Marius Bauer and CATK

Article Source: German Pulse

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