‘Kiepenkasper’ – Uwe Spillmann’s Puppetshow Visits San Diego

 Kiepenkasper - Uwe Spillmann‘Puppentheater auf zwei Beinen kommt nach San Diego’

Famous German hand puppet player Uwe Spillmann will be on US tour and has planned to make a stop in San Diego to enchant the California-German audience.

Kiepenkasper‘ keeps fascinating his audience of young and old since 15 years. He is present at all kinds of events and ‘Kasper’ has traveled the world! Mexico, Australia, Russia, and even Namibia as well as many other countries around the world are familiar with him and enjoy his shows.

January 2013 is the month to get a chance to meet Kiepenkasper in person right here in Southern California. Mr. Spillmann has agreed to an Open Air Performance at the Balboa Park near the House of Germany (part of the International Cottages).

Uwe Spillmann is writing his own scripts for his ‘Kiepenkasper’. Based on traditional puppet shows (‘Kasperltheater’) his performances bring a breeze of fresh air into this old tradition of puppet play. He usually performs two plays, each lasting about 20 minutes. During the break he entertains children and adults alike with tricks and exotic musical instruments.

Enjoy a performance on January 23 at 3pm at Balboa Park near the House of Germany in San Diego !

KIEPENKASPER with Uwe Spillmann

WHEN: January 23, 2013 at 3pm

Kiepenkasper: der Kaspar!

Kiepenkasper: der Kaspar! (Photo credit: Sørn)

WHERE: Weather permitting this will be an Open Air event, in front of the House of Germany at Balboa Park  : International Cottages, 2191 Pan American Rd, San Diego, CA

In case of rain the show will take place at Balboa Park, Hall of Nations, 2191 Pan American Rd. W , San Diego, CA 92101

COST: Please plan on giving your generous donations at the time of the event!

QUESTIONS:  Please email sdsaturdayschoolprincipal@yahoo.com



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