Cook Your Brats On The Go With the Backbrat Bike Grill


Riding a bike around is generally seen as a great way to get some exercise in while you’re on the go.  As you pedal your way to your destination you may get hungry, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a meal cooking on your bike so you’re ready to eat once you stop?  Mathias Hintermann, a Switzerland native living in LA, has come up with a bike accessory that will do just that.

The Backbrat is a small grill attachment that to fits on the back of your bike and will accommodate four regular sized brats, thüringers, or frankfurters all while being made to withstand the potholes you may encounter on your journey.  Since the grill cooks with charcoal, you don’t need to worry about the dangers of peddling with an explosive tank of gas towards your rear… unless of course you eat a few greasy sausages before you make the trip.

Backbrat Grill Size

Hintermann plans to target the German market, which is known for loving their share of sausage and cycling.  He figures his bike can take advantage of two growing trends in the country… group cycling and grilling out at the park.  You could of course wait until you arrive to fire up the grill, but it is much more efficient to get a head start as you pedal away, and we know how the Germans like to be efficient.

Backbrat Seamless

Source: Mathias Hintermann
Photos by Mathias Hintermann
ArticleSource: GermanPulse



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