Homeopathy- A Part of German Culture

Globuli - Homeopathy

The practice of homeopathy is so ingrained in our German culture like recycling and living environmentally friendly in general. After all, the father of homeopathy was a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann.

Yet, in all my years living here in California I have not found a homeopath, who I feel can replace the one I had in Germany. In fact if it’s something critical concerning the health of my family, I will still call mine in Germany for advice over the phone.

Having said this, I must mention that I found a superb chiropractor here in California, who I feel is more on my wave length of addressing my and my family’s health. And…, with amazement I watch how he solves many of our health problems that traditional doctors didn’t seem to find any solution for.

Just for the record I should mention, that I am far away from being a hardcore alternative medicine believer. We do have our traditional family doctors etc., and consult them. Traditional medicine however has so often failed us that I am now turning to seek advice from my alternative medicine sources first before following the almost always more costly advice and likely more invasive methods of my family doctors.

Even though one can find many naturopaths or homeopaths here in California, I often feel their expert knowledge doesn’t match the one of my doctor in Germany. She happens to have a traditional medical degree as an internist in addition to her homeopathic schooling.

But times have changed and alternative and naturopathic medicine enjoy a strong following also here in California. So I figure that I should revise my earlier opinion on alternative medicine providers in California, and vow to renew my research on finding some homeopathic doctors on this side of the world.

Interested in learning more about homeopathic remedies?

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Entrance Fee: $20

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