Google Hopes To Inform Voters In Upcoming German Election With Dedicated Site

Google German Elections Page

Germany’s upcoming elections are a month away and if you’ve been looking to find out the latest developments and details on those who are running for various positions, including who might be the next German Chancellor, Google has created a dedicated site to help you out called“2013+Du”.

By using a combination of standard search and news results, Google, with the help from and video journalist Tilo Jung, is providing German voters, and those just interested in their politics, a one-stop site for all the updates in both German and English.  Visitors can see how certain political candidates are trending with an interactive timeline to show whether their popularity is rising or falling, and connects to the politicians via their Google+ campaign pages.

2013+Du also features an interactive discussion map that highlights the most talked about political topics running up to the election and offers popular, as well as exclusive, video pieces made for the site.  Some politicians have even opted to hold Google+ Hangouts to address voter questions and concerns, however current Chancellor Angela Merkel has not yet participated.  Merkel did host a Google+ Hangout this past April though.

Google has offered similar election tools for US voters in the past, but this is the first time the German elections have been covered in such a way.  As more countries are gearing up for elections, Google has been creating similar pages to help better inform voters.

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Article Source: GermanPulse



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