Glendale’s Unified School District Gets Attention With Its Language Immersion Programs


Having started out in 2003 with a small Spanish dual language immersion program the Glendale Unified School District now offers “seven Foreign Language Academies of Glendale (FLAG) Dual Immersion language programs.”

Next to an Armenian and Korean, a German dual immersion program has been started in 2008, followed by an Italian (2009), a Japanese (2010) and a French one in 2012.

By thinking ahead and wishing to help their students to adapt to a multinational world the Glendale school district started the program on the elementary level “with the goal of all participating students becoming bilingual and biliterate by the end of elementary school.”

Exciting Times Ahead with Taking the Immersion Programs to Middle and HighSchool Level

With the continued success of these much desired language immersion programs, the Glendale Unified School District is now in the midst of discussing and planning the next possible step of taking them all the way to Glendale’s Middle and High Schools.

As of now the Board of Education is engaged in creating a K-12 Master Plan for its dual immersion programs. A plan that will decide the future path of each dual immersion program and its location. Most likely the German Immersion Program will find its future Middle School home at Roosevelt Middle School.

If you are interested in the presently existing elementary school dual immersion programs, applications for the new 2014/15 school year are now being accepted. Information can be found here.

For the German Dual Immersion Program at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School (Franklin Magnet School)specifically, please click here.

Sources: GUSD – Glendale Unified School District
Picture: Franklin Magnet School



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