Mercedes Takes On Water With the Silver Arrow of the Seas

Mercedes Surf 01

Mercedes-Benz, known for building luxury cars, has just released their latest innovation that gets you off the road and into the water.  The German car company, in collaboration with surfer Garrett McNamara, designed and produced the ultimate surfboard dubbed the “Silver Arrow of the Seas”.

Engineers and designers from Mercedes developed this surfboard with a built-in telemetry system to measure the surfer’s performance, and has also been specifically tailored to McNamara’s riding style to catch the big waves he is known for going after.

While Mercedes has sponsored McNamara’s roadside ventures in the past, marketing agency BBDO proposed the two work together seaside as well.  The waves Mercedes and McNamara had in mind when creating the ”Silver Arrow of the Seas” are those off the coast of Portugal at Nazaré Canyon.  It was there that McNamara successfully took on a 78 foot wave back in 2011.


Before you go out surfing the web to find out where you can get one of these sleek surfboards for yourself, Mercedes isn’t selling them.  Only four boards were produced and each one was made specifically for McNamara.

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Photos: BBDO Portugal [Facebook]



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