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More German Stories by Dieter Kermas

If you have enjoyed reading our German history series “Deutsche Zeitgeschichte” by CaliforniaGermans’ Author Dieter Kermas last year, then check out our Category  “Deutsche Lese-Ecke”. Here you’ll find not only a collection of his German short stories and poems, but among them also his essays from the above mentioned series.

Next weekend we will start with regularly publishing some of his short stories again. But you will get a little taste of it already tomorrow  (!) when we start the “Faschingswoche” and Rosenmontag (Rose Monday aka Shrove Monday) with a short story shedding light on how the “Berliner” see this ‘crazy’ time:

Enjoy “Fasching in Berlin” by Dieter Kermas tomorrow.

Author Dieter Kermas

Dieter KermasDieter  Kermas, CaliforniaGermans Guest Author and a true Berliner, turned to writing after he retired from his profession as an engineer. Family and friends urged him to document his many experiences during his childhood in wartime Germany. This made for a collection of various essays which have been published here at CaliforniaGermans. Apart from his childhood memories he is also sharing some of his short stories and poems on CaliforniaGermans.  Dieter Kermas, who loves to write, is currently working on his first novel. Some of his work has been included in anthologies.


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