A Walk through Elizabethan England in California – Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale


Even if it’s just for a day, but wouldn’t it be fun to escape into a different time period just to get a feeling for how life might have been back then? That’s exactly what the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale seeks to do; to have you experience Shakespearean times, to be more precise.

Already in the parking lot you might come across some people, who appear to just  have popped out of Elizabethan England, but they are in fact serious Renaissance fair visitors ready to have some fun in “their” century. As soon as you have crossed the entrance to the fair, your time travel has begun. You are being greeted in old English, you can witness how different trades are doing their work with authentic tools, and dance along to the music of the various minstrels.

You can stock up on swords, magic wands, medieval cooking ware and such, and of course find new additions to your medieval wardrobe. The renaissance experience stops when it comes to food. Even though set in an old market scene the food vendors are selling food one encounters at every American fair. Most authentic among gyros, hamburgers, pasta and such seems here the ‘oh so familiar’ smoked turkey leg and grilled corn on the cob.

If you have been to some European medieval festivals, and expect to see the same authenticity here in Irwindale you might find it a bit disappointing, but walking through this California Renaissance fair unbiased can make for a very fun and quite different entertaining outing. Our pictures below are proof!

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale is still open for three more fun-filled weekends, until May18th, 2014, form 10am-7pm.

Location:  Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area – Irwindale, CA 15501 East Arrow Highway, Irwindale, CA (15 miles East of Los Angeles, 35 miles West of San Bernardino, 35 miles North of Long Beach)

Tickets: www.renfair.com

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