Germany celebrates German National Day – The Day of German Unity


Germany’s celebration of the 24th National Day is underway!

Every year the official celebration of the “Tag der deutschen Einheit” on October 3rd is hosted by one of the 16 German federal states. Traditionally that particular state’s capital organizes a “Bürgerfest” ( a party for the citizens). This ”Deutschlandfest” as it is called offers a variety of entertainment but most importantly introduces and showcases every federal state of Germany on its “Ländermeile” ( “Federal States Mile”).

This year Hanover in the Lower Saxony state is ‘putting on the party’, and it will start tomorrow, Oct. 2nd lasting until Oct. 3rd!

What had happened in History:

25 years ago courageous citizens from Leipzig, East Berlin and many other cities of previous East Germany (GDR) demonstrated for their freedom and their rights. All throughout the year of 1989 a wave of protest against the SED (Socialistic Unity Party) regime was rising until finally the long-awaited day arrived, and the Berlin Wall came down. This historically important day was the 9th of November 1989, and Willy Brandt then said “ Now comes together what belongs together”! (excerpts taken of Ministerpräsident Weil’s ‘Welcome‘)

The two “Germanys” growing together turned out not to be as easy as initially perhaps anticipated, and it took a while before East and West Germans would consider themselves to be the people of one nation again. Even though the sincere wish was there, it took several years and a lot of work before the two “Germanys” would become one once more.

Today, 25 years later, we can say that most Germans feel like belonging to one nation again. Throughout the weeks of this year’s Soccer World Cup the world could see a collective German spirit rejoicing or recoiling during the German National Team’s games. The final winning of the Cup was an event that all Germans could proudly embrace and celebrate together. It was an event that made Germans in all parts of the country – whether from former East or former West – see themselves as one nation celebrating together in unity.


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