Modern Talking comes to Los Angeles in August 2015

Revisit your Past – Modern Talking, the band of the 80’s this summer in L.A.

If you haven’t heard yet : Thomas Anders – yes, the guy with the Nora necklace! -and his Modern Talking Band is coming to Los Angeles this summer to bring back the 80’s to so many Germans living here in SoCal.

His first concert on August 15th at the Starlight Amphitheater is already completely sold out but there is a second chance to see and hear the legendary band at their debut concert here in L.A. . Another concert night has been added and a few tickets are still left for the second night on August 16th.

WHAT: Thomas Anders & Modern Talking

WHEN: August 15 & August 16th, 2015

WHERE: Starlight Bowl Amphitheater, 1249 Lockheed View Dr.
Burbank, CA 91501

More information at



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