Have the Guts to Talk About Your Intestines

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The Importance of Communicating with Your Gut

Have you ever thought about what your intestines are up to all day long? You most likely haven’t really put much thought into that part of your body. But you should! At  least according to Giulia Enders, whose book “Darm mit Charme: Alles über ein unterschätztes Organ” (now also available in English “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ”) was an unexpected success in Germany last year and has sold about 1.5 million copies since March 2014.

In her book, Giulia Enders not only explains how your intestines work, but also how they work together or better, are synced with your mood, your thoughts and psyche. All this information Ms. Enders hands to us in a fun and entertaining way that makes us want to find out more about all the capabilities of our peculiar organ, our gut.

The topic of ‘intestines and health’ is not a completely new or unknown one especially in probiotics. Your chiropractor or homeopath might have suggested to you to take some Acidophilus Lactobacillus pills after an antibiotic treatment to support your digestive system and help your ‘good’ bacteria in your gut get back in shape.

But Giulia Enders takes it to the next level. She gets much deeper into the topic of what our gut is trying to tell us and how it essentially can affect our over all well-being if we try to ignore this vital organ. As much as the book makes for a fun and easy read it is also absolutely scientific! Ms. Enders, a medical student, is on her way to become a gastroenterologist; she has just completed her state medical exam and will soon begin a yearlong residency at a hospital.

Meet her ‘in person’ by watching the video presentation below featuring her at the Freiburger Science Slam in 2012, that essentially lead to her writing the book on the ‘charming gut’.



Image: © New York Times, “A German Writer Translates a Puzzling Illness Into a Best-Selling Book”

Source: FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung & The New York Times



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