CaliforniaGermans Author Dieter Kermas returns

Dieter KermasWe are so excited! CaliforniaGermans author Dieter Kermas will be back with us to share a few more of his stories.

Have you missed laughing with him or visiting long past days in German history with his engaged, fun, and often thought provoking stories and poems? Well, your wait is over and for the next few weeks check for some new stories and poems by him on the weekends!

Dieter Kermas’ stories and poems are all in German, a great way for German learners to test their language skills or brush up on them. And for us having grown up with German… It’s like a quick, refreshing visit ‘back home’!

Read “Altenmorgen”, a poem by Dieter Kermas tomorrow!


Image: ©Dieter Kermas



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