Germany’s Vegan Supermarket To Open First U.S. Store In Portland, Oregon


Veganz, Germany’s largest vegan-only supermarket chain, has seen great success opening stores across its homeland and throughout Europe, but now the company will be making its largest expansion yet as it looks to open their first U.S. store in Portland, Oregon in 2017.

The chain has only been around since 2011, but Germany attitude towards eating healthier or more ethical foods has led to a rapid expansion. It’s not only vegans showing up to shop at Veganz though as founder Jan Bredack revealed to Eco Watch that “80% of his customers are neither vegan nor vegetarian.”

What may help the chain break into the American market is that Veganz puts their focus on selling prepared food items instead of focusing on selling the raw ingredients to make your own dishes. Shoppers will be able to find an assortment of fake sausages, steaks and various junk-food inspired items on the shelves.


Veganz original goal was to open in Portland later this year, but for unknown reasons that date has been pushed into 2017. According to a tweet sent out by the company, the location will be a part of a vegan mall close to downtown Portland.

Source: GermanPulse,  Co.Exist, OregonLive
Photo: Veganz



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