Puzzled By The Trump Phenomenon?

image“Americus Trumpus”

If you are as startled as so many following this year’s presidential election, and if you have been watching in disbelief and sometimes in painful awareness what’s happening out there on the election campaign battlefield…, you might be looking for some answers or perhaps just for some relief to make it through the next couple of weeks until the election in November.

On a recent trip to the East Coast I might have found something for you that can at least put a smile on your face while awaiting the outcome of November 8, 2016 …

When following the historical Freedom Trail in Boston we made a stop to check out MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) and its museum. While browsing the university’s bookstore my eyes spied a brilliant book written in Dr. Seuss style. Supposedly a children’s picture book its witty content is written in verse form explaining the utterly curious phenomenon of the “Americus Trumpus”!

Supported by hilarious pictures, which astoundingly resemble a particular person, we all got to know too well this election season, children will enjoy this book as much as adults. Adults will also appreciate the timely humor and parody behind it.

Let me introduce to you “A Child’s First Book of Trump” by Michael Ian Black, illustrated by Marc Rosenthal!

"A Child's First Book of Trump" by Michael Ian Black, published by Simon & Schuster BFYR

“A Child’s First Book of Trump” by Michael Ian Black, published by Simon & Schuster

A book that will explain to us not only the peculiar species “Americus Trumpus” but also the phenomenon that we witness every day these days. But there might be a solution after all… .

“A Child’s First Book of Trump” might not be your regular picture book for children, but one thing is for sure :                                                                         You are never too young to learn how to deal with a bully!

You can purchase the book via Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. Price tag: $12.28

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“A Child’s First Book of Trump” by author Michael Ian Black & illustrator Marc Rosenthal
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (July 5 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1481488007
ISBN-13: 978-1481488006



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