( A Drabble* von Merrill Lyew Emanuel)

He was like the new kid on the block in downtown San Francisco. He wore his white suit, that did not have a single white spot any longer, it was sweaty and smelly. His sophisticated manners revealed his noble origin. Yet, striders avoided getting too close to him.

He roamed the streets as the displaced scrambling for food in the waste containers would haste away as he approached them. No one would dare defy his claims, though he struggled to get used to the unreceptive environment.

His hunting ground glided off the North Pole. He was Fred, a Polar Bear.

©Merrill Lyew 2017
* WHAT IS a Drabble?  – drabble is a short work of fiction of around one hundred words.

Merrill Lyew EmanuelAs a recent retiree, Merrill Lyew Emanuel now has time for his old and new hobbies. Within his hobbies are writing fan fiction in German, solving chess puzzles, repairing things at home that are not broken, doing a little bit of social media, reading every and anything that looks like a book, traveling a little, and taking snapshots with his mirrorless camera.

Having lived in Germany, Costa Rica and the USA, he is fluent in the languages of these countries. As a professional geographer he traveled profusely throughout Latin America. He is living in Southern California for over thirty years. Find more of his work at



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