Gunter (Ein Gedicht)


(Ein Gedicht von Dieter Kermas)

Ein kleiner Hering namens Gunter,
war wissbegierig und recht munter.
So fand er auf dem Meeresgrund,
´ne schöne Dose, blank und rund.
Das Bett ist nur für mich allein,
so dachte er, und legt sich rein.
Und Gunter lag, ganz ohne Arg,
in einem leeren Heringssarg.
Auf der Dose, es war ´ne große,
stand „Hering in Tomatensoße.“
Man fingt ihn ein, den Gunter,
nun war er nicht mehr munter.
Auf der Dose, es war ´ne große,
stand „Gunter in Tomatensoße.“

©Dieter Kermas



Dieter Kermas, CaliforniaGermans Author and a true Berliner, turned to writing after he retired from his profession as an engineer. Family and friends urged him to document his many experiences during his childhood in wartime Germany. This made for a collection of various essays which have been published here at CaliforniaGermans. (You can find the stories here on by putting “Dieter Kermas” into the Search Box.) Apart from his childhood memories, he is also sharing some of his short stories and poems on CaliforniaGermans. Dieter Kermas, who loves to write, has published his first novel “Kolja. Liebe im Feindesland” in 2016, available at Amazon. Some of his work has been included in anthologies.

To get in touch with Dieter Kermas, please send an email with subject line “Dieter Kermas” to



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