Three Languages, Two Schools, and The Great War


Three Languages, Two Schools, and The Great War

Guest Post by Lenni Elbe

Have you ever been on a film set where you heard German, French, and English all around you? Students from GPSSD and SDFAS have!

For a very special project students (9-17 years old), parents, and teachers from both schools got together and worked on an entry for an international history competition, which challenged them to create a high-quality film about “Peace and the Great War: From Trenches to the Project of a United Europe.”

The teams came from German Pacific School San Diego (GPSSD) and San Diego French American School (SDFAS). Their project started with a script-writing workshop. The students then developed their interest in the topic by researching aspects of World War I. The whole movie making process was student-directed. Writing and planning started in September 2017, and the editing of the movie was finished in March 2018. The title of the movie is “Chess Peace”. It revolves around two rival schools and a chess competition.

The short film premiered recently at SDFAS and was sent to the EUSTORY
competition in Europe. Now, the French and German students can’t wait to receive the results from the judges in Europe. Of course, all of them would love to travel to Paris for the final round of the competition in fall 2018.

EU-Story is supported by the Körber Foundation, Mission du Centenaire, the
French Association of History and Geography Teachers, the Goethe Institutes in
France, as well as the Institut Français, and the Franco-German Youth Office.

For more information about this and other exciting projects at GPSSD and
SDFAS, both accredited language schools, please contact the schools or visit their websites.

Images: GermanPacific School San Diego


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