Behind The Scene

Ten years ago in 1999, I had packed my suitcases, grabbed my then six year old son and waved Germany ‘Good-bye’. I was ready for the the big move – the jump into a new life. A life in California!

Finally I made my dream come true. A dream that I had kept inside me since my first visit to California as a teenager.

A lot has happened since then…Many exciting adventures and happy times, but also struggle and disappointment. All together I think I have a much clearer and more realistic view of the country and the state I call my home now then I had ever before, but that applies also for Germany. I can truly enjoy now what both countries have to offer.

It is wonderful to go back and see family and old friends. I love my home city Munich. The old world chic, the different theaters all over town, the arts, the coffee shops, the wonderful green parks and lakes right in front of your doorsteps so to speak, citylife pure ! But then I love California, the endless beautiful weather, the picturesque shorelines, the crazy beaches and cities, the diverse art scene and I seem not to get enough to explore the never ending possibilities.

Since 2008 I truly can call the U.S. my home; I became an American citizen. A big step for all of us, a blended family by now, since it formally united us under one citizenship. Sounds silly, but it makes even simple things like going to the same passport counter (for citizens) after arriving at LAX , so much easier. It is a relief after hours of traveling that all of us, my husband and I with our three children can actually wait together in one line…

I still find it surprising and fascinating at times how many fellow Germans, and also Austrians and Swiss have made their home here in this corner of the world. And I am not only talking about the older generation, that came over here right after the war. It is my or even younger generations that chose to emigrate from Germany and find California a better place to raise their kids or just simply for their lives in general.  There are plenty of networks for Germans/Austrian/Swiss to choose from all over CA. From German speaking mom groups to German business mixers. From German schools to German stores.

Here at you can read about what’s going on mainly in Southern California around LA, San Diego and Orange County. You find events , opinions and tips with often some German angle to it. Under RESOURCES please find out more about the many German/Austrian/Swiss networks and  how to connect to them. A listing of German Schools and other German/Austrian/Swiss institutions will have a place here as well.

Enjoy your stay here at CaliforniaGermans and keep dreaming big!

– Cornelia

“We don’t know who we are, until we see what we can do.” – Martha Grimes