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Adolesco – Your Ticket to the World!


A non-profit language immersion and cultural exchange program  – ADOLESCO


17-year old Sacramento-area teenager Gemma B. has lived in Germany, France, and Spain in addition to her native California thanks to Adolesco, a non-profit exchange organization that matches American children and teens with exchange partners in Europe for short-term language-immersion and cultural exchanges.

Unlike typical ‘one-way’ foreign exchange programs, Adolesco only offers real exchanges: each carefully matched partner has the chance to both host and travel, taking turns to live with their exchange partner and family for up to three months. This reciprocal exchange experience typically results in close friendships and life-long international connections on both sides.

“When I arrived at the airport in Germany, it wasn’t hard to find my exchange family: they were wearing matching grins and t-shirts that spelled out ‘GEMMA’. Johanna’s family was so welcoming that I quickly felt at home.”

You Can Participate With Little To No Foreign Language Knowledge

With Adolesco’s guidance, children and teens with little or no exposure to a second language are often able to gain remarkable fluency. As Gemma recalls, “I’d only studied German for a few months before going to Germany. During the first days of my exchange, beginning to understand and speak German was alternately frustrating and hilarious. Eventually, speaking German became Adolesco gemma-and-johanna_goslarsurprisingly normal.”

And there’s no reason to wait until college for the opportunity to study abroad. Living a new culture as a member of a family rather than visiting as a tourist is a tremendous opportunity that Adolesco makes available for children as young as 9 (and up to 18). Parents on both sides are encouraged to treat the visiting child not as a guest, but as another sibling. This true integration offers a unique opportunity for developing real understanding and appreciation.

“I enjoyed experiencing life in Germany and learning about its culture and history. I also had the opportunity to re-examine and better understand my own country’s culture and relationship with the world.” -Gemma B.

How Does It Work?

Adolesco is based in France and staffed by a network of representatives and volunteers across Europe and North America whose children have benefitted from these exchanges. Interested families must complete a thorough application process that includes a home visit and interview. Candidates are only matched with exchange partners when the team feels like an exchange will succeed. In many cases, the connection between the two families and the two exchange partners will be life-long.

“The girls have a perfect understanding… this exchange opened new horizons for Emma but also for the whole family – thank you!” -Sandrine, French mother

In Latin, Adolesco means ‘I’m growing’ and the Adolesco team believes that learning a new language, understanding another culture, and growing beyond our cultural boundaries benefits our children, our families, and our world.

Learn more about Adolesco:

Adolesco is accepting applications for this summer! To travel or host this summer, apply by March 31 – visit to get started.

Watch a short video about Gemma and Johanna’s exchange:

Follow current and past exchanges at


 Contact Adolesco’s Exchange Coordinator in California at

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Granny Aupair – A Different Take on the Traditional Au Pair Concept


Invite a German Speaking Granny to Look After Your Children

As expats we often miss that our children won’t be able to grow up with their grandparents. Not only does it make us feel at ease to have someone experienced to help raise our children but it’s absolutely precious to have someone look after them, who will also pass on some German traditions and values we ourselves most likely grew up with. Not to forget the nice benefit of having our kids be exposed to speaking German whilst they grow up far away from Germany.

Following the principles of an au pair service the German company Granny Aupair in Hamburg has been filling that ‘Granny void’ since 2010!

Have a German “Leih-Oma” Stay With You!

If you can’t have your own Oma stay with you, have a ‘Leih-Oma’ share in your family’s life overseas. That way your kids don’t have to miss out completely on the enriching grandparent experience. There is so much to learn from an older generation and Granny Aupairs come ready to share their generational wisdom while nurturing your children.

Granny Aupairs are active, adventure loving women aged 50 and above from all over the world but mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They offer a wealth of life experience and most often have raised families of their own. Child care, cooking and keeping a household in check is nothing new to them. They are experts in it!

An Enriching Cultural Experience For The Entire Family

“Since 2010 more than a thousand ‘Grannies’ have travelled to over 50 countries” with Granny Aupair, which was founded by Michaela Hansen (55) in Hamburg. Over the course of their stay many Grannies have become friends with the children and parents alike and have knit close bonds. Susanne, a mother in the USA mentions: “We had such a great experience that we had several Grannies over the last few years, and two of them have come back for a second stay. The children are really happy when a Granny comes again. We also had a “Granny Reunion” in Frankfurt in July this year with our family, my mother, and four grannies. It was wonderful to see all of them together!“

Many women, who choose to become a Granny Aupair are looking for a new challenge after they have retired or their own children have ‘left the nest’. They still feel adventurous, enjoy traveling and are in search for something granny-brigitte-in-kalifornien-2
meaningful to pursue. Granny Aupair Brigitte Köfler from Bregenz, who cared for a family of six in Los Altos felt very enriched by her Granny experience and puts it this way: “I got to know so many wonderful people during my stay…The family I stayed with was absolutely fantastic and they made me feel like a true part of them. The fun with the children and to feel so warmly appreciated was very fulfilling.“

According to an article in the British Telegraph and a 2014 annual survey by Nannytax there is in fact a trend that many families prefer hiring older, more life experienced women to look after their offspring. Granny Aupair offers just that on an international level.

I Am Ready For My Granny Aupair. How Does It Work?

Families and single parents all over the globe can now easily find their Granny Aupair. To get more detailed information and browse the database of Grannies, who are ready to be part of your family, you just simply have to register free of charge at www.granny- . Once you have found a Granny you feel fits your family, you need to become a member to start a conversation…and you are on your way to an enriching adventure!

Granny Aupair – Jetzt oder Nie!Logo


Granny Aupair – (+49) (40) 87976140 – – Facebook


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New Language Immersion School in Glendale to Open Fall 2017


In fall 2017 a new language immersion school is planning to open its doors in the Los Angeles area. 

International Studies Language Academy (, a new charter school in Glendale, will have an:

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (K-5) that will offer immersion (90/10 model) in French, German, Italian and Spanish. All grades K-5 will be open to all students, regardless of language skills – no prior knowledge of the target language is required.
The MIDDLE SCHOOL will have two tracks. A Continued Immersion track will be open to students already fluent in their target language (25/75 model). An Acquisition track will be open to students with no prior knowledge of the target language (25/75 model), giving them an opportunity to become fluent in their target language by high-school.

The program of the school is designed according to the International Baccalaureate framework and is furthermore supported by the school’s affiliation with the International Studies Charter School in Miami, which is ranked #1 among charter schools in Florida.

The State has already approved the new immersion school to have its location in Glendale. The actual school building will be in Southern Glendale and is still in the process of being negotiated. The school model, similar to Benjamin Franklin Magnet School in Glendale, will also offer 6-8 grades, so that the students can continue their immersion education in German (and other languages) throughout middle school. In 2018, the board is planning to file a petition for a Language Immersion High School as well.

If you are interested in the school and would like to find out more, please visit the future school’s website at . Questions can also be sent to . 


Image Credit: ISLA




Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 needs ‘Berliners’ living in California

unnamed-2Are you from Berlin and made California your home?

A new radio show on the Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 is on the look out for ‘Berliners’ who have left Berlin to live in California!

They are especially interested in how many years it has been since you’ve left Berlin and if you are missing your home city Berlin.  In fact what do you miss the most? Do you still have family in Berlin? What brought you to California and what are you doing professionally here?

But most importantly they would like to know if you are planning on coming ‘home’ to Berlin for Christmas, and if you would like to visit someone over there, or if you particularly miss someone special over there.

If you are interested in sharing some of your life story with the Berliner Rundfunk 91.4, please contact editor Helena Daehler at helena.daehler(AT)


Image: Neue Berliner Rundfunk GmbH und Co. KG


WDR Redaktion “Bustour” sucht Deutsche aus NRW


Hallo liebe Deutsche in den USA,

ich suche Deutsche aus NRW, die in den USA leben und die wir im Rahmen einer Sommerferienserie portraitieren könnten. Weil sie Büffel jagen…oder einen außergewöhnlichen Beruf haben…oder bei Indianern leben..oder Wüstenforscher oder Surflehrer oder NBA-Spieler oder Baseballtrainer sind …oder sonst irgend was interessantes tun, das ich mir gar nicht ausdenken kann. Wichtig ist für uns immer, dass derjenige keinen Bürojob macht, sondern etwas tut, das für unsere Zuschauer interessant anzugucken ist.

So ist ein Schreibtischjob, sei er noch so interessant, kein gutes Fernsehthema, weil er auf der ganzen Welt gleich aussieht. Toll sind Tätigkeiten, bei denen man etwas von Land und Leuten mitbekommt. Interessant sind auch Wettbewerbe und Wettkämpfe aller Art mit deutscher Beteiligung…ob das auf Weltniveau oder im Stadtteil ist, ist für uns eigentlich unwichtig, wichtig sind gute Bilder, deshalb darf es auch gerne etwas skuriler sein…Bäume werfen oder sägen oder Murmeltiere fangen oder Indianerponies zähmen…oder oder oder…

Zeitrahmen ist ungefähr: 4.7. – 20. 8. , Wir kommen mit unserem Oldtimerbus in NY an und fahren dann Richtung Westküste

Interessierte können sich auf der WDR-Seite auch Beiträge aus dem letzten Jahr anschauen, wo wir in Rumänien und Bulgarien und Ungarn unterwegs waren. Einfach, dann Mediathek anklicken, und dann Bustour eingeben, da kann man sich dann diverse unserer 5-minütigen Portraits angucken und bekommt eine Vorstellung, was wir vorhaben-nämlich nette, liebevoll gedrehte und getextete kleine Geschichten aus der Ferne.

Bitte leiten Sie unseren Aufruf gerne an alle Deutschen, die Sie kennen, weiter, ich freue mich sehr über jeden Tipp! Und wer unsicher ist…kann mich einfach anrufen oder anmailen, dann können wir gemeinsam sehen, ob’s passt. Bin auch gut über whatsapp und Skype erreichbar…deswegen auch unten mein Skypename…

Herzlichen Dank, ich freue mich sehr auf jede Antwort!

Beste Grüße B. Luther

Barbara Luther
WDR Fernsehen
Redaktion “Bustour”
Tel. 0171-9320177
Skype: skypebaluechen