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German Language Instruction for the Youngest Learners

Research shows, that the earlier you start with introducing a second or third language to your child, the easier it will be for her or him to learn it.

Especially if those languages are spoken at home as well, your child will just grow up using these languages instinctively and will automatically pick up the vocabulary and intonation of each one.

From what I have experienced, this effort of raising children with more than one language, is even more successful if the child can connect one parent to one particular language. It will make it so much easier for the child to switch back and forth between languages since there is also a visual distinction.

But even if your child grows up in a mono-lingual household, you now have so many options to introduce your youngsters to a wealth of languages and give them, too, the gift of understanding other cultures early on.

For many of us German expats it is a given that we want our children to be able to speak our native German. We want them to be able to communicate with family and friends still living overseas. But sometimes it’s hard if all the pressure of passing on this cultural heritage just rests on you!

California is fortunate enough to have many German language schools among its wealth of  language schools all together. Many of them offer classes already for three-year olds. And a few even offer Mommy-and-Me classes that one can attend as soon as the baby is born!

In the following find a few examples of schools, that offer these early language courses; but please feel free to browse our list of various schools under our “Resources” tab.

Learning German for the Youngest all around California

Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool is offering “Mama und Ich” classes starting this September 2017. The classes are instructed by Ilka Sternberger, Director at Tivoli, who is also a certified as a Lactation Specialist UCLA, and Postpartum Doula DONA .

These classes offer parenting information and support, meditation for the Mamas, German children songs and verses, movement and seasonal finger games. Sessions will start on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. All classes are held at: Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool in Mar Vista (3170 Stoner Ave., LA, CA 90066).  Two classes are offered weekly. The 3-4pm baby class is for newborns to age 15 months and the 4:15-5:15pm Toddler class is for age 16 months to 2 plus years.

If you are interested in joining our next session please rsvp to ilkayan@aol.com.


WanderKind School in Glendale offers a bilingual nature immersion program preschool program for 2-5 year olds and an after school program for 4-7 year olds. Whether children are enrolled full time or part time they will always experience friendship, joy, free play and creative expression. Two mornings and two afternoons a week are spent at Brand Park immersed in a forrest school curriculum. While outdoors teachers guide the children utilizing English and German. The rest of the time we learn, get messy and play in the indoor/outdoor classrooms of the school and focus on German language immersion.

Contact Dr. Franziska Reff at 415-812-6675 or wanderkindschool@gmail.com .


GermanSchool campus in Newport Beach just started with a “Vorschul-Klasse” for children ages 4-6years. This particular class will playfully engage the children with the concepts of the German language through music, songs, rhythm and dance. Children will learn numbers, the days of the week, the calendar, seasons and much more through fun songs and plays. As it is tradition at the school, also the youngest members will learn how to introduce themselves and will be able to hold up a small and simple conversation by the end of the year.

GermanSchool campus offers a variety of German language classes for children, 4-17 years old, focusing on guiding the older students through the various  exams available. From Deutsches Sprachdiplom to AATG testings for high schoolers.

Contact GermanSchool campus at (949) 285 0829 or email at principal@GERMANSCHOOLcampus.com


German Pacific School of San Diego offers classes for students ages 3 to 18 at its four different locations in San Diego County: Poway, Clairemont, Carmel Valley and La Jolla. For this school year 2017 /18, registration has already closed. But if you are still looking for German classes for your child(ren). There are just a few spots at each location left. Most classes are full.

Contact Wiebke Elbe (germanpacificschool @gmail.com) to inquire about availability or to get on the waiting list.


GASA – The German-American School Association of Southern California, Incoffers classes for children ages 3 to 5 years at its Kinderland School and has Parent & Me classes for children 1-3 years old that are currently offered only in Anaheim Hills.

Founded in 1954, GASA maintains several schools in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego area.  The various schools offer classroom-based German language programs to children ages 4 – 17 years in its Saturday Schools.

Contact the school at office@gasaschool.org or at (562) 693-0223.


German Language School of Marin (NorCal) has a Kindergarten class that accepts children starting as young as 3-years-old at the Santa Rosa campus and as young as 4-years-old at the Novato campus.

In Kindergarten, children approach the German language in a playful, hands-on way. Through simple poems, circle games, songs and rhymes, story books, and art projects, the children intuitively learn basic vocabulary and grammar. Lessons revolve around themes like family, animals, colors, food, clothing, body, nature, months, weekdays, seasons, and holidays. To support learning on Saturdays, basic homework for our Kindergarteners include poems and songs that they can practice and memorize throughout the week.

Contact the school at (415) 897.9771 or email: info@germanschoolmarin.com


GASPA – German American School of Palo Alto offers a Parent & Me class  for children ages 0-3, for the first time this year. The “Froggy Group” is for parents and their children. Come to play and sing with your child in German!  Classes start September 16th, from 9am-10:15am.

Since 1965 GASPA has been offering the ever popular Saturday morning program for students ages 2.5 to 18. Students 2.5 years or older must be accompanied by a parent in class until age 3. Saturday classes are already in session since September 9th, 2017. All classes are at the Campus of Alto International School , 475 Pope Street, Menlo Park.

Contact the school at (650) 520-3646 or email: contact@gaspa-ca.org


Kleine Schule Oakland in the Bay area offers parent-toddler classes for kids from 18 months up to 5 years. They take place once a week for 1 1/2 hours.  The school welcomes to a space where you can have a lot of fun while learning the German language. You may not even realize how much you are learning because you’ll be so busy playing, singing, reading, crafting, experimenting, baking and making friends. Nature plays an important role; sometimes we even take the class outside and meet up in the nearby forest.  The school also runs a daycare program fromMonday to Friday 9am-3pm.

Contact Runa for more information at kleineschuleoakland@gmail.com

Let us know if you heard of other German programs for the Youngest German Language learners and send us an email at californiagermans(AT)gmail.com




New Language Immersion School in Glendale to Open Fall 2017


In fall 2017 a new language immersion school is planning to open its doors in the Los Angeles area. 

International Studies Language Academy (www.islaca.org), a new charter school in Glendale, will have an:

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (K-5) that will offer immersion (90/10 model) in French, German, Italian and Spanish. All grades K-5 will be open to all students, regardless of language skills – no prior knowledge of the target language is required.
The MIDDLE SCHOOL will have two tracks. A Continued Immersion track will be open to students already fluent in their target language (25/75 model). An Acquisition track will be open to students with no prior knowledge of the target language (25/75 model), giving them an opportunity to become fluent in their target language by high-school.

The program of the school is designed according to the International Baccalaureate framework and is furthermore supported by the school’s affiliation with the International Studies Charter School in Miami, which is ranked #1 among charter schools in Florida.

The State has already approved the new immersion school to have its location in Glendale. The actual school building will be in Southern Glendale and is still in the process of being negotiated. The school model, similar to Benjamin Franklin Magnet School in Glendale, will also offer 6-8 grades, so that the students can continue their immersion education in German (and other languages) throughout middle school. In 2018, the board is planning to file a petition for a Language Immersion High School as well.

If you are interested in the school and would like to find out more, please visit the future school’s website at www.islaca.org . Questions can also be sent to info@isla.ca.org . 


Image Credit: ISLA




GermanSchoolCampus Opens Up In Newport Beach

GERMAN-SCHOOL-campus-Sea base

Grand Opening at Newport Sea Base This Saturday

A new school bringing German language courses to Orange County will open its doors in Newport Beach this weekend. German parents whose children have some German language skills already can rejoice since the new school will offer preparation towards the various German Language Exams as well as the respective exams themselves; some of which might be needed for entering German university. But also everyone else, who is interested in picking up German from the very start will find his/her match with classes offered for every level.

GermanSchoolCampus’ classes will be held Monday afternoons and Thursday afternoons in the beautiful classrooms of the Newport Sea Base that overlook the Newport Bay. Saturday mornings the school plans on offering science field trips and during spring and summer break there will be day camps with focus on education about German language and culture.

German School Newport Base

Please join the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony this Saturday, September 19th from 9am- 3pm.

GermanSchoolCampus Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Saturday – September 19th – 2015

Campus Location @ NEWPORT SEA BASE
1931 W. Coast Highway – Newport Beach, CA 92663

9:00 am
– 11:00 am

open house ( Info curriculum , classes)
11:00 am
– 11:30 am

Special Guest speaker: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
11:30 am
– 12:00 noon

Ribbon Cutting
1:00 pm
– 15:00 pm


Images: GermanSchoolCampus


Learning German for Kids in Southern California -NEWS



German Immersion Outdoor Camp – July 26 to August 1, 2015

It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about summer camps. In three more months the children will be out of school and summer vacation will have started! If you plan on having your child expand on his or her German language skills, there is exciting news.

GASA (German American School Association of SoCal) offers its German Immersion Outdoor Camp again. This year the camp will take place at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center in Orange, Southern California and promises fun for everyone! Seven days and six nights full of adventure, with special activities like zip lining, swimming a 136ft. water slide and archery are on the itinerary. Activities will all be conducted in GERMAN and include fishing, sports, crafting, baking, nature hikes and more. This year children will also experience the thrills of a planetary walk.

WHAT:     German Immersion Outdoor Camp                                                      WHEN:    July 26-August 1, 2015                                                                                       WHERE:  Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center in Orange                         COST:       $650                                                                                                                  For children ages 7 to 16. For more info refer to http://www.germanschool4kids.org         .

NEW German Flag Program at Theodore Roosevelt Middle School, Glendale

Middle School students within the Glendale school district can now continue their studies of the German language beyond elementary school. With Franklin Magnet School of Glendale having offered a bilingual immersion program in German from Kindergarten on for the last few years, graduating six-graders can now move on with their studies in German by attending Theodore Roosevelt Middle School in Glendale.

Theodore Roosevelt Middle School in Glendale, CA is excited to welcome the GERMAN FLAG program to the school next year! The school is one of the oldest schools in Glendale and recently underwent an expansive modernization of the campus. The school has an extensive partnership with JPL/NASA and has been named the first NASA Explorer School in the Glendale school district in 2007. “With our new school bell schedule adding 7 periods to each child’s daily schedule, all students will be able to take an exciting elective in addition to their GERMAN Language Arts class!” says Mary Mason, the middle school’s principal. The students have progressed in the district’s GERMAN FLAG program since kindergarten, and can continue now into middle school here at Roosevelt.

For more information on the school and its program, please contact the school at (818) 242-6845 or mmason(at)gusd.net.

Brag Sheet Back


Images: GASA & Thedodore Roosevelt Middle School, Gendale


Mayfaire and Sommerfest – Celebrate with German Schools in SoCal and NoCal

Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool
Summer and the end of the school year is near. This means outdoor celebrations, open houses, parties and more. What a fun way to find out about some German Schools that are out here in California! Attending an Open house is a great way to get a feel for an institution’s vibe.

If you are interested in a particular German school in California (many of them are listed under “Resources” on our website), call them up and see if they have an end of year celebration or other community event.

Here are some events coming up in SoCal and NoCal:


Annual MAYFAIRE at Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool

Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool in Los Angeles holds its annual Mayfaire. Having moved to a new location over the past year, the school is inviting to its new location to join in on the fun.

Lots of entertainment, delicious food, fairies, a bazaar and for the fist time there will be a “Kasperle Theater” this year! Besides there will be performances by the Tivoli children, and musical entertainment will be provided by the very own Tivoli house band! The fun begins on May 31st, 2014, from 11am-2pm at 3170 Stoner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 9006


SOMMERFEST and 25th BIRTHDAY of GAIS – the German-American International School

A school that is celebrating a major milestone this year is the German-American International School (GAIS) in Menlo Park up in Northern California. They are celebrating their 25th year this June! Happy Birthday!

If you want to join them for their Sommerfest and 25th Birthday Carnival, then mark the date: Saturday, June 14th, 2014, from 2pm-5pm.

A fun day awaits you with Magic Show, Clowns, Games, Surprises, good food and so much more. For more information please call GAIS at +1 650 324 8617 or visit http://www.gais.org.  The Sommerfest will be on the school grounds located at 275 Elliott Drive, Menlo Park CA 94025

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