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Zeit (Ein Gedicht)


(Ein Gedicht von Julia Eichberger)

Zeit zum Nachdenken.
Zeit für die Lieben.
Zeit für sich.

Zeit zusammen.
Zeit vereint.
Zeit allein.

Zeit vergeht.
Zeit läuft.

Keine Zeit,
die nicht verfliegt.
Drum sei um die Zeit
stets bemüht.

©Julia Eichberger

Image: Pixabay.com


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Julia Eichberger,  was born 1987 in Stralsund as the oldest kid out of three and lives now in Brandenburg near Berlin with husband and daughter.

She has enjoyed writing since her childhood. In 2012 her first poem was published by a small publishing house (https://www.sperlingverlag.de/). Several poems followed.

A trained banker, Julia is currently working for an insurance company, but since writing is a passion of hers, she still finds time to write short stories and poems. If you would like to read more of her work, check out her website: www.mach-mal-nen-spruch.de