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Summertime – Time for German Summer Camps in California

Summer has officially started and all the school children in CA have most likely started their summer vacation by now. Have you checked out our list of German Language Summer Camps yet? Some camps might still have an open space for your child!

There are overnight camps and day camps, and camps right along the Bay in Newport and some at a serene lake. Most of them offer a variety of activities, of which some are more STEM related and others are more arts heavy. But we just got word of a cool camp in Santa Rosa, that focuses on nature explorations and Innerweaving!! We had to let you know…

Have you heard of Innerweaving before? It’s a method of experiential and emotional hands-on techniques that spark imagination and support personal development and conscious living.  It’s a technique created by Silvia Schroeder, who is also leading this unique camp for children. The camp offers a combination of indoor/outdoor creative fun. “Throughout the camp we will talk German and introduce language based on nature and craft activities.” Family members are invited to celebrate their children’s powerful Nature-Earthcraft accomplishments on the final day.

The Innerweaving German Summer Camp will take place from July 5th-6th for 7-11 year old kids, and a one-day camp is offered on July 7th for children 4-6 years old.

The camp is located in a small Redwood Park along a little creek at the Community Center/Women‘s Clubhouse, 16 Park Rd, Fairfax, CA 94930.

Check out our Camp Listings for more detailed information.


Images: ©Innerweaving

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Memories of a Fun German Summer Camp at Big Bear Lake


Though Summer is officially over we wanted to take a last glance back at it and share a short review of one of Southern California’s successful German summer camps.

Organized by GASA, the German American School Association the German Summer Camp at Big Bear Lake is now in its second year. The camp site is close to Los Angeles and has made itself a name: Fun, adventure and camaraderie is what comes to mind for many when remembering their fun six days at Big Bear Lake.

The motto of this year’s camp was: “Die alten Germanen” – “The Teutons”, explaining the life of our Germanic Ancestors. To give the children a better understanding of what to expect of the week’s  camp, everyone was introduced to the topic with a movie : „Hermann, der Cherusker – die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald.“

54 students from seven to fifteen years of age and from all over California, some kletterwandeven from Arizona and Minnesota, arrived on a Sunday afternoon, and were excitedly looking forward to the variety of activities awaiting them.  The camp’s mornings were dedicated to sports activities like fishing, soccer, golf, rock climbing and much more, after which the students had the choice of participating in baking, dancing or crafts classes.

Every class covered not only the fun factor but included also teaching the children about life in the Germanic ages, while even acquiring special skills of those times. By the end of the camp for example, every child had either built a sword or learned how to weave a basket, and all of them knew how to write their name in runes. Teaching of the runes alphabet was part of the curriculum in the afternoon, when the children concentrated on the history of their Germanic ancestors.

The day before last at summer camp all students and teachers went on a 1,5 milegermanen nature hike together before returning to a cozy evening around the fire.

And then the last day of camp was suddenly here, and all the week’s learning culminated in a final celebration, the exciting highlight of the camp: A fantastic interpretation of the “Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald” presented at the open-air theatre stage and every child had an active part in it.

An exciting summer camp had now come to an end, and everyone settled down for a last get together watching the sunset over Big Bear lake. While singing songs, roasting marshmallows and making smor’s, phone numbers were exchanged, and plans were made for next year’s adventure at Big Bear’s German Camp.

Source: GASA German American School Association
Photo: GASA German American School Association