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“O’zapft is” in California- Oktoberfest 2014 is Calling

Oktoberfest 16einzug-wiesnwirte-2013

O’zapft is !

Yes, its time again for Oktoberfest! But it’s only September you may say…

That’s correct. And originally Oktoberfest had actually been in October, precisely on October 17, 1810. On that day the royal Bavarian newlyweds, crown prince Adam_Pferderennen_Oktoberfest_1823Ludwig von Bayern and princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, got honored with a royal horse race on the “Wiesn” (Munich’s Theresienwiese). This horse race was also the highlight of the weeklong wedding festivities .

From that time on the horse race event turned into a yearly “Volksfest”, a public festival, which eventually got moved to late September instead of October. Over the years the event became bigger, and eateries and fun rides were added. The duration of the event got extended as well, from one day to several days to the now two weeks of Oktoberfest.

Custom is, that the last week of the two-week Oktoberfest is still in October!

Today Munich’s Oktoberfest is the biggest “Volksfest” (public festival) in the world and attracts about six million visitors yearly!

Oktoberfest in California

Celebrating Oktoberfest doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in Munich. One can find some kind of Oktoberfest version almost anywhere these days. This is also the case for California, where Oktoberfest festivities are happening up and down the State.

Here are some suggestions, that were brought to our attention. An extensive listing of Oktoberfest sites can be found here.

Now get out your Dirndl and Lederhosen and …auf geht’s!

GACC Oktoberfest 2014

The GACC Oktoberfest in San Francisco

The German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) will bring Germany’s most famous fest to the Bay Area again this year – September 25, 2014!
Join in for an authentic evening with delicious German food and Hofbräu beer provided by San Francisco’s restaurant Speisekammer. The Oktoberfest bands Blow Music! and Bayern Maiden will rock the house again!

You can buy Schmankerl Tickets for $55 that will treat you to Pretzel, Schweinebraten (Roasted pork in beer sauce) or Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and potato salad. One litre of beer is included, and you can keep the Masskrug (1l beer mug) as a souvenir !
The other option is a beer ticket admission for $25, that will treat you to 0.5 l of beer including the mug to take home.

WHEN: September 25, 2014 | 5 – 10 pm
WHERE: Fort Mason, Conference Center (Building A)
TICKETS: Available on the GACC website, or click here


Oktoberfest LA


Los Angeles Oktoberfest ® will open its doors again this year for a two-day event, October 4 & 5 at the Beverley Hills Country Club.
Enjoy live entertainment from Bavarian Dancers to a Stein Holding Contest and much more. Traditional food and beer will be available for purchase while lively tunes and leading sing-along’s of old time drinking songs will keep you going.

At the opening ceremony city officials will welcome everyone with the traditional Tapping of the Keg. This Bavarian custom will officially tap the first keg of German beer by hammering a wooden mallet with a bronze spout into the keg — and then…”O’zapft is!”

General Admission is $35 per person ( 1liter glass stein, and 1 fill up with your favorite beer)

Tickets to this event are available here. All monies raised will benefit local charities Vista Del Mar & Chill Los Angeles.

WHEN: October 4th & 5th, 2014
WHERE: Beverly Hills Country Club, 3084 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064
TICKETS: Available at LAoktoberfest.com or click here



Oakland Nature Friends & Tourist Club Oktoberfest

Oakland Nature Friends and Tourist Club hosts its Oktoberfest, Sunday October 5th, from 12-6pm.
This is a fabulous family event. In addition to all the fun, food, drink, live music, and dancing of Oktoberfest, there will also be hikes, horseshoes and yodeling this year, and additional games, dances, and other activities especially for our younger members and guests.

There is something for everyone of all ages at the Oakland Nature Friends’ Oktoberfest!

Tickets to the event are sold on the Club’s website and are $10 ( plus $0.75 online processing fee) for adults. Children under 14 are FREE.

WHEN: Sunday, October 5, 2014 • 12pm – 6pm
WHERE: 3115 Butters Drive, Oakland, California
TICKETS: Available at the Club’s website or click here


Photos: München.de, GACC, LaOktoberfest, Oakland Nature Friends & Tourist Club




Milka Adventure Right in the City

Do you love Milka, in fact Milka chocolates?

If you can answer this with a definite YES, then Milka World in Munich will be heaven on earth for you. In 2012 Milka World opened doors on an entire floor of the Schrannenhalle right behind the Viktualienmarkt, and has become a new Munich attraction.

I had heard about it, but on my recent trip to Munich I just had to check it out for myself.  I couldn’t believe my eyes…

SAMSUNGA whole store decorated in the style of an Alpine hut, with little niches and windows that seem to look out on the Alpine mountain panorama, and walls of wooden shelves just filled with the tempting chocolates of the whole Milka sortiment!

SAMSUNGBut that’s not all! Now you can not only eat Milka, you can be dressed in it as well! If the Milka Dirndl, by designer Lola Paltinger is too fancy for you to visit the present Oktoberfest, you may also choose from t-shirts sweatshirts, jackets, vests, jeans and for the guys of course the perfect Lederhosen. I actually forgot if those were lilac as well…

But there is more. Your dog can slurp water out of a Milka bowl, while your baby is sipping on his Milka bottle, and your toddler checks out tasty Milka chocolate SAMSUNGsnacks packed away in her Milka lunchbox.  And, picture this, while you start getting ready for a day at the Oktoberfest packing your Milka backpack (which is quite cute actually! ), you grab your i-pad and stash it away in the oh-so-fashionable Milka Alpine style i-pad cover that looks like a Janker (Tyrolean jacket) for this electronic device!

milka coffee machineIf you like, you can live ‘Milka Lifestyle all the way, and organize your entire household in Milka look and feel, while you pretend inhaling fresh alpine air with every stride through your Milka home. Milka cappuccino machine or toaster anyone?

Fascinated I am asking the saleslady in her cute lilac dirndl, if there were more Milka worlds planned for in other German cities. She looks at me bewildered that someone could even voice such a question, and smilingly replies: “There is only one earth, one god and one Milka World! “

What a statement ! Now I was the one looking perplexed. Stunned by such profound words I slowly walked towards the exit…

The merchandising kingdom has conquered Germany!


Deadly Bacteria Found In Waste Water Of Warsteiner Brewery

Warsteiner Beer Bottle

Oktoberfest gets underway in less than a week, and while it is typically seen as a great season for the beer industry, one German brewer is fighting off concerns over a bacteria found in their wast water that has infected more than 165 people and killed two.

Warsteiner beer is one of the top five beer brands in Germany and abides by the strict Reinheitsgebot first introduced in 1516, but their reputation is now at stake after the deadly Legionella bacteria was discovered in the waste water pumped out by the brewery.  Now tourists wanting to visit the famous brewery are being told to stay away from the town in an effort to stop the disease from infecting more.

As soon as the outbreak occurred in the town of Warstein, a Warsteiner spokeswoman was quick to reassure the public that their “products are safe”, but have now grown quiet after it was revealed that the source was in their own waste water.  Despite their quick silence, North Rhine-Westphalia environment ministry spokesperson, Frank Seidlitz, addressed the concerns and stated that “the Warsteiner brewery is not for the time being seen as the original source”

Whether or not the Warsteiner brewery is found to be the breeding ground for the Legionella bacteria, officials have been making it clear that the beer is completely safe to drink.  Water temperatures reach a high of 100 °C (212 °F) during the brewing process, which goes far beyond the 60 °C (140 °F) killing temperature for the bacteria.

Source: Financial Times
Photo: Robin Geschonneck [Flickr]

Article Source: GermanPulse



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Beer Bottle Shortage Occurs in Munich Less Than 2 Weeks Before Oktoberfest

Munich has experienced an unusually warm summer this year, and with the hot temperatures came an increase in beer consumption.  Although the increased sales are great for the breweries, there is a downside… a shortage of beer bottles and crates.  With the Munich Oktoberfest less than 2 weeks away, supermarkets are having a hard time filling the shelves and brewers are literally begging consumers to bring back their empty bottles.

Heiner Müller, manager of the Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr brewery made a plea in Munich’s TZ newspaper saying ”Dear Munichers – bring back your crates.  We need our empties!”.  Even Hofbräu is feeling the pain with a shortage of tens of thousands of bottles.  Hofbräu spokesman Stefan Hempl warned that “at the moment we could have a situation where we don’t have any dark beer for a few days.”

Oktoberfest season is usually one of the best times of the year for Germany’s many breweries, so it makes sense that they would begin panicking.  In the case of Hofbräu, they are telling retailers that they will only fill orders when their empties are returned.  While Germany has made it easy for consumers to recycle their used bottles, it often doesn’t help those who are enjoying a nice cold one on the go during the summer months.

Source: The Local
Photo by Ricky Romero via flickr
Article Source: German Pulse

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Muenchner Oktoberfest 2010- 18. September bis 4.Oktober

The Oktoberfest in Munich from Ferris wheel

Image via Wikipedia

Jetzt ist’s bald so weit! Das  Oktoberfest 2010 in Muenchen zaehlt die Tage bis zur Eroeffnung: 4 Tage und 0 Stunden und 59 Minuten bis das 177. Oktoberfest mit einem feierlichen Einzug die Tore oeffnen wird.

Wer mehr ueber das Oktoberfest erfahren moechte und den Eroeffnungs zeremonien beiwohnen moechte, findet auf www.oktoberfest.de die neuesten Updates.  Die Oktoberfest webcam kann uns ‘Kaliforniern’ zumindest das Gefuehl geben wir sind ein wenig live dabei…

Fuer eine Liste mit verschiedenen Oktoberfest Feierlichkeiten hier in Kalifornien, click on the following link: “Celebrate Oktoberfest in the Area